Content Management System

Our purpose built CMS has been designed from the ground up for ease of use. Designed for smaller sized sites our content management system utilises functions that help rank your website on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation functions that are similarly found in more complex CMS applications.

Rather than bogging our CMS down in complex arrays of plugins, templates and css editors, our CMS focuses purely on the management of the content for the website. The templates, style sheets and more complicated programming are set at the design stage of your website. This leaves you only to worry about adding and editing content to your site via our easy to use interface that can be learnt in minutes rather than hours.

And if you need more than our CMS has to offer then additional functions can be easily added with all costs shown up front to you before you commit. As with the popular more complex content management systems our CMS is written in an architecture that allows for additions and future development.

This makes for a Content Management System that is aimed at businesses, clubs and organisations where you do not have the time or resources to devote to learning or paying a webmaster to manage your website on the more complex CMS applications.

When used with our total internet solution you have a cost effective easy to manage solution for your internet presence.

Screenshots of the Content Management System.